Statue in the garden
Flowers at Whipps

Whipps Plant Sale 2022

MAY 5, 6, 7, 2022

The BeginningEllicott City’s only public garden-park, run entirely by volunteers—the Whipps Garden Cemetery

MAY 5, 6, 7, 2022

The Whipps plant sale will feature many unusual and hard-to-find varieties of native perennial flowers, including many butterfly, shade-loving, rain garden and deer-resistant plants. The added attraction this year will be a donation of many certified day lilies, donated by the Ellicott City day lily grower. We will also be sharing some of the cuttings of oakleaf hydrangea, gingko, hosta, and acuba from our Whipps’ gardens. This is a new feature we want to share with the public. We also invite you to share any extra garden plants.  Many plants have been grown and maintained by the Master Gardeners as well as local garden nurseries.

All proceeds from the annual plant sale go for the maintenance and up-keep of the one-acre Whipps garden-park, and fund such projects as keeping fresh wood chips on all of the pathways, signage for trees, shrubs, and selected perennials. Master Gardeners will be on hand to help answer your plant and gardening questions. 

2014 Plant Sale Success Pictures

Main Tents- 2014 Plant Sale

2014 Plant Sale

For more information about the Whipps Garden Cemetery, volunteer opportunities there, or the upcoming Plant Sale